IPP Printers was established in cooperation by a German printer and Govert Eggink in 1996. At the time, IPP stood for Imprinta Publishing Projects and its focus was initially on the development and production of cookbooks.

Since the turn of the century, IPP has concentrated more and more on consulting and purchasing with regard to sheet-fed printing in general and web printing in particular. Our customers appreciated our expertise and it wasn’t long before our most important printers approached us to represent them exclusively as their agents. Thus, IPP became a unique, exclusive sales agency for printing & binding productions in Europe and China.

IPP at your service
Since 2009, IPP Printers has become part of the Weiss Group. Apart from Weiss-Druck, IPP represents Hung Hing. Year after year, IPP Printers has shown steady growth. IPP Printers’ favourable turnover figures are firstly owed to its reliable partners, to the expertise of its team and to the unique combination between web-, sheet-fed- and cardboard manufacturing printers and binders.

Thanks to our wide range of services, our customers are assured that the best production methods are implemented with every order.

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